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Non compliance I’ve been doing.

Messing with their census data.

I identify as a

Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American.

I prefer not to tell you my gender.

My income is in the millions

I have a masters and every other degree available.

What’s my highest level of education?

Off the charts.

Any question, gets BS.

I lie on all those forms now.

F em.

I’m a human.

Not a box to tick off for their Over Lords.

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We did a lot of this from the beginning and I’d love some feedback if we can do anything about what happened to us as a result. My husband was fired for not taking the jab (although they said restructuring). He was harassed about it and has records. Is anyone going after former employers for this?

Also my kids had mask exemptions from their doctor and their PRIVATE school refused to honour them so we left. At a big expense to us as we were paid up to a certain point. How did parents handle this?

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I love this! Shared on my own site with a link back here:


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Sharing this.

Thank you.

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