I read today there is a movement by the Canadian people to have Trudeau removed from office. No doubt election fraud got him elected and keeps him in office but I never hear a peep about election fraud in Canada. Trudeau is turning Canada in to a totally Communist/Marxist country just like his father....Fidel Castro

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Most people do not understand that the WHO is the military arm of the UN. They use health as the way to instill fear in people in order to drive the agenda but they really are nothing more than a military operation. Tedros is not a medical doctor but he is an Ethiopian terrorist and buddy to Bill Gates and we all know Ethiopia is controlled by the CCP. Like Lisa said they can call ANYTHING they want a public health emergency and they are declaring war on humanity.

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I'm going to have to print this and read it properly instead of off the screen... I tried reading Bill C-36, didn't get very far: It's almost impenetrable. Meanwhile I seem to recall Reichsführer-SS Dix back in November 2021 -- just after I walked away from my job rather than take the Lethal Injection -- openly opining on CFAX about forcible injections and confinement of The Unvaccinated in concentration camps ... and Chief Camp Physician "Butcher Bonnie" Henry had in the meantime approved children as young as 12 to take the Lethal Injection without their parent's or guardian's knowledge or consent; and later, the Lethal Injection of infants of 6 months...

If the standards of the Nuremberg Tribunals applied, both these monsters should swing. As far as I'm concerned Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Mengele were pikers compared to these two. But the likelihood is high, that nothing will ever happen to them; they will never receive the justice they so richly deserve: IOW a public execution after a scrupulously fair trial. Meanwhile the sheeptards comprising the population of Canada and British Columbia? They're so bamboozled, stupid, and brain-washed it will take a die-off like The Black Death of 1347 before they start to clue in. And even then? They'll likely blame it on "The Unvaccinated" -- and come after us!

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Trudeau's twin in the OTHER CA (California), Gavin Newsom signed legislation going after medical practitioners for saying anything negative about the vaccine, and was immediately hit with a lawsuit upon the first day of enforcement. I hope you'll look into some of the tactics being used to fight it. (We have constitutional laws favoring free speech and protecting religious beliefs.)

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Dear LawyerLisa:

Just finished reading your polemic. Please forgive me for saying that it could be much better organized; that said, your anger and frustration shine through like a beacon. What is also very obvious from what you've written, is the utterly totalitarian nature of the abomination that's about to be foisted on us. From what you've written, it would seem Bill C36 (and even for a legal document this stinking mess is a masterpiece of deliberate obscurity) is using regulations ostensibly governing health professionals in British Columbia to achieve something practically identical to the Nazi Enabling Act of 1933 -- or the decrees issued by the Bolsheviks after they seized power. This can only result in the erection of a irredeemable totalitarian regime in British Columbia and quite possibly a Reign of Terror style of governance best exemplified in the French Revolution -- or the Russian Revolution... It looks to me like they're attempting the suspension of Habeus Corpus and about 2,000 years of human rights development through the back door... I'd like to add "sooner we're out of British Columbia, the better" -- but where are any of us to go? As you've intimated this will soon spread across the rest of the country. And as I've said elsewhere: Most of the population in this province and across the country are so stupid, passive and brainwashed nothing will stir them from their complacency. The only thing that will jar them awake are the bodies piling up, particularly their pre-teen and teenaged children. Trouble with that is, I'm seeing and hearing nothing like the stories in substack and the rest of the alternative media.

I don't know. I don't know what any of us can do, I don't know is to be done -- other than resist, as best we can. The Purebloods and the Red-Pilled would appear to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

Sincerely yours,

Captain Roy Harkness

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I am by nature NOT an aggressive person, but at this point it feels like we must go on the offensive legally and bring as many well thought out suits as possible against public agents pushing these agendas. Sueing for our lives. I will not be supporting the Biden regime come April, will you?

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Get rid of the myth of "public health" and it's all solved. There is NO SUCH THING AS "PUBLIC HEALTH"! There is ONLY the HEALTH OF AN INDIVIDUAL! We should stopped that collectivism phrase long ago.

A bunch of this looks like ESG stuff.

ANY law or regulation that includes the term "opinion" should be automatically null and void. I was gonna add some qualifiers like Especially if it involves one person dictating a possibly dangerous treatment. But, no matter the reason, good or bad, anything "legal" should have everything spelled out in no uncertain terms. Adding opinions, only adds fluidity, constantly changing. No society can function with constantly changing rules based on one person's or group's whim.

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I mentioned this oncoming bill to my GP here in B.C. last month.

His reply; "I'm not too into political things."

I haven't managed to"red-pill" him either.

I looked at the Saskatchewan "emergency" bill last year- it has many of the same permissions for property entrance and seizure.

Note that John Horgan had his WEF page taken down. I haven't searched for David Eby's tracks.

Also note that Deena Hinshaw has been appointed Queen Bonnie's vizier. In this case I fear that smarter is more dangerous.

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Analogous 'laws' in place already in Straya.

Here's West Straya's emergency wording:

In WA, a State of Emergency can be declared under the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA). A Public Health State of Emergency can also be declared under the Public Health Act 2016 (WA).

These declarations allow for the exercise of certain emergency powers, such as:

*order persons undergo medical observations or


*directing or prohibiting the movement of persons;

*entering, searching or taking control of any place;

*closing any road, access route or area;

*issuing directions to public authorities; and

directing owners/occupiers of places of business

to close to the public.

That first one's a doozy innit?

Good luck trying to raise awareness here! "She'll be right, mate!" a popular ( but overused) phrase that certainly did not arise from the generally fair and diplomatic citizenry; but from the overhead power structure propaganda to accept 'everything' they want.

"Keep yer head low, Jacko" and she'll be right!


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I am not sure that any of our major political parties have an interest in the people. Yes, the Liberals and NDP are more obvious in their ideas. Yet, I feel the conservative party is not the answer either. I had the opportunity recently to hear Pierre Poilievre speak. In my opinion it was speaking some of the things that I think. Yet, I heard no substantial plan. These ideas of getting to the core of the problems such be going from the people. Just my thoughts, the alligences to the United Nations. World Health Organization and World Economic Forum run deep. I do feel they are all in on the fourth Industrial Revolution and surveillance state, which I am fearful of.

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