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Target. What a great name for that terrible business for thats exactly what they are doing. Putting a TARGET on our backs to take us down.

Thanks Lisa for sharing, listening and responding to us, your readers.

Let’s all follow Lisa’s lead and find our voice to speak out, because if we don’t we will end up not having a voice at all.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may His light shine upon you. Amen.

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"So don't fall for it. Keep your nation your courts your charter your constitutions your places of worship your businesses your schools your health care. And get their grubby hands off all of it."


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I love it...not a hip-hop fan at all and I played this twice!!

So here is my question. Will people make the same mistake they always do, with all things like this?

Kudos for the push back and causing so much concern, that Target responded and pulled/moved the merch. But will you follow through? Will you bring this GLOBALIST company to it's knees...as in out of business???

That's always been our problem, no resolve. As soon as there's a small concession or token apology, we say, "OK, they learned their lesson...now let's go hit that St. Patrick's day - Black Friday sale they're going to have this weekend...LED TV and M&M's will be 80% off!!!"

We do it all the time. You saw it with the scamdemic and hollyturd, sports, NASCAR, stores, restaurants and more. Hell even Twitter. Remember when mean ol' liberal, woke twitter cancelled all those big important voices...and they cried out "bad twitter, leave twitter"...but then the caped crusader Elon carried his sink through the doors - unicorns farted - and Twitter became the lamp post on the hill for all to see and be guided by...and those big important voices flocked back to that lamp post, like stupid moths.

We are bought off so cheaply...a sale, a free football game, a free beer or happy meal...this is why they keep doing this and we keep falling for it.

If you have no resolve to crush this company, that WILLINGLY, actively and happily targeted and groomed your kids, with their choice of profit making merch, then you deserve the next Target and Anheuser-Bush. Because all your push back taught them was, "we can do anything to them and as long as we say - sorry - and then give them free stuff, they'll shut up, forget and keep buying our brand/product.

Last thing, for the BS argument about hurting the workers. There will be another company to come in right behind Target or A-B to fill the void, They won't allow the pool of money, people throw away on crap products, to go unharvested. There will be jobs and most likely in the same buildings.

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Pfizer also has two syllables.

Just sayin', artistically speaking.

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If you haven't already done so, I suggest getting a copy of this book as soon as possible.

And go ahead and read the... "Epilogue: Ugly Truths"

Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy

Claire Provost, Matt Kennard

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Agreed Lisa, we must stay strong, stay positive, and stand together to overcome, and remember to count our blessings and enjoy life every where and every chance we get, because it's too short to allow negativity overcome us even with all that's going on.

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